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About us

Liam, our founder and creative director started working life as a chef. Our business reflects how he looks at the world. We push boundaries in everything we do. We’re taste makers, not biscuit bakers and our drive to be better is a passion we put into everything we create.

After 15 years of being a chef, Liam was looking for a new challenge that could combine his creativity, with starting a business. The spark came, whilst munching through a not very inspiring chocolate covered biscuit. The biscuit itself was pretty tasteless & the chocolate so thin, it was almost transparent. “Surely, there must be a better biscuit? Why do we mindless munch mediocre biscuits, when we could be enjoying mind blowing better ones!”


With this simple ambition, he started working up recipes, writing a business plan, & renovating a disused small bakery close to where he lived into a start up biscuit bakery. In 2012 Liam, his soon to be wife Penny & one employee started baking.


His mantra from the beginning was to only ever create jaw dropping delicious biscuits. Better ingredients, particularly chocolate, better recipes, from the mind of a chef, & always baked with huge levels of love, care & slightly obsessive attention to detail.


For many years, as the business grew, the bakery supplied fine food retailers, deli’s & farm shops. In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, Liam decided to launch his own brand, with his favourite recipes. He wanted a name that reflected his culinary past, celebrated the joys of working with, & eating fabulous quality ingredients, particularly chocolate, & something that looked as fabulous as the biscuits he baked. With a friend, over a bottle of wine, they came up with the name Cuoco. It is Italian for chef, it rhymes with cocoa, & looks beautiful on a pack.

What is important to us?

The Right Ingredients.

Better biscuits start with better ingredients.  We work with suppliers who share our obsession with “raising the biscuit bar”. Our flour comes from Shipton Mill, in the Cotswolds. Our bakery is in Somerset, so we are lucky to have some of the best butter in the country close by. We never use cheaper shortening or margarine. Why would you?


When it comes to chocolate, we are very proud to only ever use 100% sustainable cocoa. Given how much chocolate we use in each biscuit, we want to feel as good about where it comes from, as how delicious it tastes. And as for our dark chocolate, a minimum 70% cocoa solids is our standard. When you want that real, rich dark chocolate taste, there is simply nothing better.


Our chocolate supports 100% sustainably sourced Cocoa, helping to create brighter futures for Cocoa farmers.

CUOCO is not your average biscuit maker.

We were born to be different.

With our founder and creative director an award-winning chef, we push the boundaries in everything we do, from superb ingredients to original recipes. We’re taste makers, not biscuit bakers and our drive to be better is a passion we put into everything we create.